Spring Into Savings

Spring Into Savings!

As spring blossoms, so do your savings opportunities! Introducing our exclusive Spring into Savings 12 month CD – the perfect way to plant the seeds of financial growth and watch your savings flourish. Trust in a bank that has been rooted in the community since 1899 and is committed to helping you reach your financial goals.

12 Month Spring Into Savings

We'll work closely with you to cultivate your financial goals.

  • 4.81% Annual Percentage Yield! 
  • Multiple deposits
  • Security of FDIC insurance coverage (up to allowable amounts)
  • Allow you to customize the CD to your plan and needs.
  • Early withdrawal penalties may apply.
  • Minimum deposit of $10,000 required
  • Exclusive gift for the first 100 customers.

*Minimum Deposit $10,000 required. 12 month term, APY Annual Percentage Yield, may change at any time. APY accurate as of 4/30/2024. Penalty for early withdraw. Multiple deposits allowed. New money only.
Additional restrictions and terms may apply. See a Full Service Banker for additional information about applicable terms, fees, current interest rates, and annual percentage yields.
Limited Time Gift:
An inversion umbrella or standard umbrella will be given to the first 100 customers bank wide who open the Spring Savings CD with new money. Customer will receive the gift at the time of account opening. Customer must have the minimum deposit of $10,000. Offer is available while supplies last.