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Telephone Banking

First State Bank of the Southeast is proud to offer our customers ABBY, our Automated Banking by You telephone banking service! ABBY can be reached by calling: (606) 242-ABBY or (606) 242-2229.

The following services are available on ABBY:

  • Real time DDA and Savings Account Balance Inquiry
  • Funds Transfer
  • Account History
  • Search by Check or Amount
  • Loan and Time Deposit Information
  • Current Weather Forecast for Middlesboro, Lexington, and Williamsburg KY, and Tazewell TN.
  • Time, Temperature and Date

Getting Started

To access account information, you will need your account number and your 4-digit personal identification number, or pin. The last 4 digits of your SSN or tax ID have been assigned as your initial pin number. The first time you access your account, you will be required to change your SSN or tax ID to any other 4 digit number (except it cannot be 0000 or the last 4 of your account number or SSN/tax ID).

  • The accounts and funds transfer menu gives you access to checking, savings, loans, CDsand the ability to transfer funds.
  • The checking and savings menus give you access to real time available balance information, previous account activity, specific check information and pending items*.
  • The loan menu gives you access to your loan balance, current payment and last payment information.
  • The CDs menu gives you access to your principal CD balance and maturity date.
  • The funds transfers menu allows you to transfer funds between checking, savings, and loan accounts.