123 years of serving our communities, and we are just getting started. Image of Pineville Main Banking Center circa 1930's.

Our Mission and Values

Our Mission

Our community bank is committed to fostering financial success for all of our clients. We provide personalized service with passion and integrity, empowering individuals to confidently manage their finances.

Our Values


Our passion refers to a strong drive, enthusiasm, and dedication in serving the financial needs and goals of our clients. It centers around being invested in the success and well-being of each client, and consistently delivering high-quality services with energy and commitment.


Commitment refers to our dedication and obligation to fulfilling our responsibilities towards clients and stakeholders. It involves following through on promises and commitments made to clients, providing reliable and consistent service, and continuously improving the bank’s offerings and services to meet the evolving needs of its clients.


We are responsible and answerable for our actions and decisions, both internally and externally. We believe in being transparent in operations, adhering to regulations and laws, and taking ownership of mistakes. We strive to continuously improve our processes and services and continue to be committed to safeguarding clients’ assets and interests.


We define empowerment as the process of providing individuals and businesses with the tools, resources, and knowledge needed to take control of their financial futures. This can include access to financial products and services, education and training, and personalized advice and support. Empowerment helps our clients become more financially secure and self-sufficient and allows them to make informed decisions about their money.


For over 120 years, integrity has meant that we adhere to the principles of honesty and ethics to guide the bank’s actions and decisions. This includes being transparent, fair, and trustworthy in all dealings with clients, stakeholders, and regulators. Integrity for us means that we operate with a strong moral code and strive to do the right thing, even when it may not be the most convenient or profitable choice.


Reliability refers to our consistent delivery of quality services and products, as well as the ability to meet clients’ needs and expectations through teamwork. Reliability means we are dependable, and our clients can trust that we will consistently provide the services and products we promise with the cooperation and coordination of our team. This includes prompt and accurate processing of transactions, responsive customer support, and secure protection of clients’ assets.