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Safe Sound & Secure

When you read the headlines or hear the news about the financial woes of large global institutions, remember why you have chosen to trust First State Bank of the Southeast with your money. We’re a locally owned and operated bank. We’re sound, safe and secure. Because we’re local, we know our customers and the true value of your deposits and the loans we make.

First State Bank of the Southeast has been a local banking tradition for over 109 years. We recognize the importance of traditional banking values, conservative strategies and local investments. These principals have made us a strong financial partner in the communities we serve since 1899.

Through natural disasters and the ups and downs of the national economy over the years, we have remained true to our ideals and strong in our commitment to you, our valued customers and friends.

You’ll always know where your money is: safe, sound and secure working to strengthen the local economy. We pay a guaranteed interest rate, and your money is insured by the FDIC. If you have any questions about the FDIC’s insurance on deposits with our bank, please feel free to contact your First State Bank of the Southeast banker.