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Business customers using the Cash Management banking will need to visit the Cash Management for Help. Consumer customers will find a list of the frequently asked questions and answers below. If you need to contact the bank for help please call us at (800) 248-5950.

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Online Banking FAQ

I have forgotten my password, how can I reset it?

Passwords can be reset two ways: online via the forgotten password page or by contacting us at (800) 248-5950.

I forgot my security questions, how can I reset them?

If the system rejects your security questions you must contact us to get help resetting the security questions.

My account is locked out, How can I get it unlocked?

After 3 unsuccessful attempts an account becomes locked and requires calling the bank to unlock the account. Call (800) 248-5950 to have your account unlocked and password reset if required.

How much does Online Banking cost?

We provide Online Banking to our customers at no cost including Bill Payment service.

How do I login for the first time?

After you are registered you may visit, enter your credentials when you registered. By default your Username is your Tax ID or Social Security Number (without any dashes) and the password you choose during registration.

Can I use QuickBooks with Online Banking?

No, QuickBooks isn’t compatible with our current version of Internet Banking. Customers may see QuickBooks listed under download transactions but it isn’t compatible with newer versions of QuickBooks.

How can I determine that Online Banking is safe & secure?

You may visit the Security Information page for further information.

Having further problems logging on?

Visit the Online Banking Online Help for further information.

Important Information for AOL Users

Visit the AOL page for further information

Text Banking FAQ

How secure is Text Message Banking?

Our Text Message Banking service is secure. Text messages will never contain confidential information about you or your accounts. Messages will never contain full account numbers.

Will I be charged for Text Message Banking?

We won’t charge you, but standard carrier fees for text messaging may apply. Please check with your mobile phone carrier if you aren't sure what fees apply when you send and receive text messages.

Will Text Message Banking work on my phone?

Yes, as long as you have text messaging enabled with your mobile carrier it will. Please check with your mobile carrier if you are unsure.

Which carriers do you support?

Our Text Message Banking service works on all major mobile providers in the U.S., including the ones listed below. However, there are many more carriers that support Text Message Banking.

  • AT&T
  • Alltel
  • Cellular One Dobson
  • Nextel
  • Sprint
  • T-Mobile
  • Unicel
  • US Cellular
  • Verizon Wireless
  • nTelos

How do I deactivate the Text Message Banking service?

You can text back STOP to 454545 on your activated cell phone or you can return to the mobile banking page and click the deactivate link next to your mobile device number. Your phone will no longer receive any text messages from Text Message Banking. You can add a new phone at any time if you change your mind later.

Where do I find my activation code?

During setup we will send you a text message with your activation code. If you have already submitted your mobile number during setup, please check your mobile device now. You should receive a text message with your activation code within a few minutes.

What commands or keywords can be used?

Use any of the following commands/keywords:

  • BAL = Primary account balance
  • BAL ALL = All account balances
  • BAL CHK = Checking account balances
  • BAL SAV = Saving account balances
  • LAST = Last 5 transactions
  • TRANS = Transfer funds to primary account
  • STOP =Deactivate service
  • HELP = Help on keywords

Are keywords case sensitive?

No, keywords are not case sensitive. You can type "help" or "HELP".

What is the number I should use to send the keywords?

The short code is 454545. This short code will only work if you have activated the Text Message Banking Service.